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Volunteers play a vital role at Klinic. Many of the services Klinic provides are made possible only through the dedication and commitment of our many volunteers. 

Why should I volunteer at Klinic?

Being a volunteer at Klinic means you can:

  • support people in crisis
  • contribute to the development of your community.
  • acquire new skills.
  • raise your social awareness.
  • gain important career-related and/or life experience.

Who volunteers at Klinic?

Klinic volunteers come from all walks of life. You don't need to have prior formal counselling training or experience. The qualities we are looking for are: the ability to empathize with diverse types of people, to listen and communicate clearly, to assist people in crisis, and to offer non-judgmental support to people in need.

Volunteer opportunities at Klinic in Brandon

Crisis line volunteers in Brandon provide telephone counselling on the Klinic Crisis Line, the Manitoba Suicide Line, and (for those with farming backgrounds) the Manitoba Farm, Rural & Northern Support Services Line (MFRNSS). Volunteers receive approximately 80 hours of crisis intervention training over a three month period. MFRNSS volunteers take an additional 8 hr orientation to farm and rural issues. Additional training for on-line counselling is also available.

The training is intense, requiring an openness and willingness to look at one’s own attitudes and values. Topics covered include: Communication, Counselling, Crisis Intervention, Trauma, Sexuality, Suicide, Depression, Relationships, Sexual Assault, Intimate Partner Violence, Mental Health, and more. A 12 month commitment is required following the training, which consists of working one 4-hour counselling shift per week.

The Challenge

What if I don't have a counselling background?

You do not need to have a formal counselling background to enter our program. What we are looking for is a high level of empathy, excellent listening and communication skills, and a willingness to learn and continually develop yourself and your skills. The classroom training, resource manual, and hands-on experience will further enhance the skills you already have. Volunteers work alongside paid professional counselling staff, and are offered feedback and support at all times. In-services and other professional development opportunities are offered on an on-going basis to maintain and update your skills.

What can a volunteer expect at Klinic?

Klinic volunteers can expect a work environment that will continually support and challenge them. Learning does not end with training. Each day brings with it the opportunity to utilize existing skills and practice new ones, all in a supervised setting. Volunteers are also entitled to a work environment that offers ongoing support, feedback and evaluation.

The Training

The next Crisis Line Training Program in Brandon is January 2018 (dates TBC)

For more information on the Klinic Volunteer Program and to apply online visit:


"Both the training and the work on the Crisis Lines has been extrememly rewarding. I can't say enough about this experience."

I wasn't sure I could help someone in ciris, but I learned that what people really need is someone to listen to them."

"Not only do I feel like a better counsellor as a result of the training and working on the Crisis Lines, I feel like a better person."

"This experience helped me get a job in the counselling field. My employers hold Klinic's volunteer program in very high regard."


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